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Jamaica, St Thomas, Drama, Relationship
Emotional Rollercoaster, Con-Artist, Children, Abuse, Abusive

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When we pray “Thy Will Be Done” as most of us do each day let us remember that “THY” refers to GOD and we must do like Celeste and allow Him to carry out his will in us. The author of this book although she did not realize it at that time was one of God’s chosen children with a purpose. He took her through the valley of death and is now moving mountains in her life and parting rivers for her to pass over safely.

To everyone who finds solace and comfort in reading this book, either because it reminds you of your past (or your present) put your hand in the hand of God and use him as your lever to raise yourself from your “devil” and seek deliverance through CHRIST.

This story should be a lesson to others in strength and fortitude coupled with faith. May God continue to bless you and your family and may your readers find food for thought in your story.

Leo A. Johnson


Chapter One



My friend Rocky would pick me up for work each day, but on the morning of February 16, 1998 he was earlier than usual.

I got to my destination and quickly walked to my office. I did the normal preliminaries such as signing the attendance register and saying good morning to my co-workers, before proceeding to my desk. I started gathering some correspondence that I had for filing when suddenly my concentration was interrupted by the loud ring of my boss’ telephone which was a little distance away from where I sat. Being a secretary, I was trained to answer the telephone with a smile, and I did just that. On the other end of the line was a gentleman sporting an American accent. He identified himself as Steven Honeywell and said he was conducting investigations on behalf of the US Embassy. His reason for calling was to locate one, Miss Maxine Gordon. It turned out that we didn’t have anyone with that name among our employees. He said that he was given that number for her and was therefore not sure where he had slipped a digit. I said “sorry about that sir” but, before he hung up he asked where he had called and I told him.

A day later a fellow co-worker with whom I shared surname called to say that a gentleman had asked for Miss Williamson, stating that he had spoken with her the day before. She then put the call to my office as she did not recall recently speaking to a gentleman with an accent.

Steven recognized my voice right away. He complimented me on my customer service skills and told me that I had a nice voice. He asked if he could get a home telephone number for me since we were about to go on break to observe Ash Wednesday. I saw the opportunity of going to America – land of opportunities, and would not let it pass “a neglected opportunity” was one of the four things in life that comes not back. I did not hesitate to give him the number.

Time went by, we spoke, but he was always the one calling; based on the type of work in which he was involved (secret services) he did not want to compromise his stay in Jamaica, so I understood. During three months of talking on the phone he finally told me that he was the older brother of a prominent boxer. I said to myself… wow I would not only go to America but I would also be associated with fame and moreover, if I were dreaming, the dream definitely felt good.

A friend of mine at the office had friends at the US Embassy, and she wanted to do an investigation to find out if there were any truths to what Steven was saying.

I feared that he would get in trouble so I turned the offer down. I told my friend that there would be no need to conduct an investigation as I had no intentions of getting involved with the gentleman. She obeyed.

We finally decided that after four months of talking on the phone, it was time we met each other personally. I had given him the directions to my address and was expecting him the first Sunday in May 1998.

I was living with two of my younger siblings who had also left St. Thomas to join big sis in Kingston. The day that I had expected Steven had been the same day that my sisters and friends had planned a beach trip.

“Celeste, you coming with us?” “No dear” …was my response, “remember Romeo comes today” I reminded them. They completed their packing for the outing and within another hour or so, they were ready to leave, “are you sure you don’t want to come?” they jeered. “Confident” I replied.

After they left the house, I took a shower and got dressed in close fitting jeans and a sleeveless top that would show off my assets. I then applied makeup and let my hair down; I was pleased with the person looking back at me in the mirror.

By now my sisters and friends had been gone for about three hours when it dawned on me how lonely and bored I had become. I grabbed a book and began reading. Morning turned to afternoon, afternoon turned to evening, evening turned to night and Steven was a “no show.”

When my sisters got back they asked how the meeting went. I was disinclined to offer any information as I knew what the result would be– yes they would laugh me to scorn. I finally told them and they had a hearty laugh. They did not hesitate to tell me how much of a fun-filled day they had.

The following Friday at around 6:00 p.m., I heard a car pulled up to our gate. I was in no condition to see any visitor so I prayed that the person was lost and was only asking for directions. I had recently braided my hair and decided on getting waves in the braids. This would have been done by grouping between 10 and 15 of the fine plaits to make jumbo plaits which would then be submerged in hot water for about 5 minutes then towel dried. A towel was around my neck for the purpose of drying the plaits after submerging in water.

“Hello! The person said as he approached my gate. He was of medium built, about 5’6” tall and fair complexion. “Hello” I responded. “Is this where I find Celeste?” “Who is looking for Celeste?” I asked, but that was a rhetorical question as I had recognized the voice and accent. “I am Steven” he responded. I could not believe this man. After I had put myself together and was ready to meet him the Sunday prior, he had not turned up but now in my shabby looking state he was just turning up. I did not have a contact number for him and so I could not have called to find out if he were on his way or had postponed the meeting. Any communication between us would have been at his discretion, reason being, he was staying at the Plaza hotel where I could neither visit nor call based on his type of work.

I quickly walked to the gate to greet him, “Are you stunned by my beauty?” I asked, he laughed and right away I felt the connection. I knew we would get on. I questioned him about not turning up as we had discussed and he told me that he did that because he knew that any smart woman would have gone above and beyond to prepare herself and the home to meet him and that doing it this way would have allowed him to see the true me. “Really now” I remarked; because this is not even true me; this was the first time that I was doing any such thing as submerging jumbo plaits in hot water. Not only was my hair done with the jumbo plaits but I had pieces of strings and stockings that tied the ends so that the plaits would stay in place. That aside, we were happy to see each other especially now that we could put a face to the conversations.

As time went by, I noticed Steven’s favourite footwear was leather with heels and zipper to the sides. He always dressed to match and would be on time for most of our dates. Wherever we went he would command a lot of attention, he was like the centre of attraction, jovial and had a bubbly personality. He quickly connected with my sisters and neighbour and got along with most people. We spent most weekends at the then Button Place Hotel in Kingston. I loved my new life.

In April 1998, my office relocated and this was the first time I noticed that Steven had a very authoritative style of relationship management. Our office had a function to mark the occasion and as with any function in Jamaica, food and refreshments are generally served. To my surprise Steven turned up. I am not sure how he became aware of this as the function was for staff only. He requested Heineken which I brought to him, but before he could complete the two given, he wanted me to fetch two others. I was embarrassed about the frequent trips as I did not want my name called in the office, so shamefacedly I went and got the drinks. When I returned I recognized that he was not pleased “you are not very submissive at all” he said. I saw the authoritative spirit coming out. I was scared, but the fact that I could not jeopardize the visa I would be getting, I said and did nothing.

Shortly after, I told him that I was not feeling well and wanted to go home, so I bid my co-workers goodbye and left.

One morning he called asking if I had money in my bank account, I told him yes; he asked the amount and I told him. Notwithstanding the minimal balance in my account, he took the opportunity to ask that I loan him some of the money, as his payment would have been late for that month. He promised to repay me as soon as he got paid. I did not hesitate; I loaned him the money.

Approximately two hours later he called “why are you like that?”..... why did you try to insult my intelligence?” he asked in a stern tone. I was surprised at the questions and enquired what had gone wrong. He explained that he asked me for “x” amount and that without his knowledge, I had shortened the agreed sum. I told him to re-check as I had done a thorough check prior to giving it to him and was sure the envelope contained the exact amount we had agreed on. He subsequently hung up. “What a stress!”… I thought to myself.

I telephoned my friend Phillip and relayed my recent experience with my newly found friend. “Con-artiste that Miss Williamson!” was Phillip’s response.

“Oh please Phillip, where you see con in what I shared with you?”

“All over” Phillip replied.