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Jamaica, St Thomas, Drama, Relationship
Emotional Rollercoaster, Con-Artist, Children, Abuse, Abusive

Tangled Web

An enthralling book that takes one on an emotional roller-coaster! A real page turner!!

This is an enthralling book that takes one on an emotional roller-coaster.  Celeste the main character in the book is from the countryside of St. Thomas, Jamaica West Indies.  She migrated to the city to access her tertiary studies where she met and fell in love with Steven. After almost 13 years of being in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship, she found out that Steven was a con-artiste and that the life she lived was a conned one.


Celeste had two children for Steven.  These children were registered with the fictitious name given by Steven.  They knew of no other relatives from Steven's side but at his funeral would learn that they had upwards of 20 brothers and sisters. Celeste is now back and forth at the family court to have the children's name changed.





Cecielia A. Wilson hails from the countryside district of St. Thomas, Jamaica. In the early 1990s she migrated to Kingston to pursue her tertiary studies.  She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies where she holds a BSc. in Human Resource Management.

Cecielia is an ardent believer of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Apostles.  She is a first-time author who also writes plays in her spare time.  Her biggest accomplishments are her three wonderful children.



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tangled web

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